Artificial Grass for Padel Courts: Elevate Your Padel Tennis Experience

Padel courts are rapidly gaining popularity worldwide, attracting players and expanding to various recreational and sports facilities. Our company specializes in providing high-quality artificial grass surfaces designed specifically for padel courts. With our durable and performance-driven solutions, you can create an optimal playing surface that ensures year-round usability.

What is Padel? Understanding the Game

Padel, also known as paddle, is a sport similar to tennis, featuring similar rules and point counting methods. However, it is played on smaller courts with stiffer rackets and a softer ball. Many recreational facilities, such as tourist villages and sports centers, are embracing padel by utilizing unused spaces to install courts, attracting fans and enthusiasts.

Dimensions of a Padel Court: Key Details

Padel courts maintain a similar layout to standard tennis courts but on a smaller scale. They consist of a 10-meter wide by 20-meter long rectangle, divided into two equal 10m x 10m squares by a net in the middle. Service lines parallel to the back of the court, 3 meters from the back, divide the court further. The front of the service lines to the net measures 6.95 meters, and a central service line divides the area between the net and service lines into two equal zones. For covered courts, the ceiling should be at least 6 meters above the playing surface.

Artificial Grass for Padel Tennis Courts: Unleash Performance

Our company is dedicated to developing top-performing surfaces for both professional competitions and practice sessions. Our 12mm blue padel tennis grass is highly recommended and favored by players. It offers an ideal playing surface, ensuring superior performance and durability. To complete your padel court, explore our comprehensive Padel Court Kit, which includes all the necessary components for a seamless installation.

Installation and Maintenance: Keeping Your Court in Prime Condition

Installing artificial grass for a padel court is a straightforward process. Simply roll out the loose pieces of artificial grass, cut them to size, and connect them using special tape and glue. Cut in the white-colored line-markings for a professional finish. To enhance stability and performance, fill the artificial grass with dry, sieved round-grain quartz sand.

Maintaining a padel court is relatively easy and recommended every 2 to 3 weeks. Regular maintenance includes tasks like removing leaves, weeds, and snow from the artificial turf. The resilient nature of artificial turf ensures it can withstand cold winter weather without damage or breakage.

Elevate Your Padel Tennis Experience with Superior Artificial Grass

Choose our top-quality artificial grass solutions to enhance your padel tennis courts. Our commitment to excellence guarantees superior performance and long-lasting durability. Trust us to deliver the perfect playing surface that meets the needs and demands of your padel tennis facility.

Refine your padel court experience with Arturf's top-notch solutions. Take your pick from our durable padel court turf, designed for optimal play, or opt for our hassle-free padel court package. Elevate your game with Arturf

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