Sand-filled And Sand Dressed Artificial Grass Tennis Court Maintenance

Artificial grass tennis courts are popular among private owners, clubs, and schools. To ensure the longevity and optimal playing properties of your court, regular maintenance is essential. Proper maintenance also upholds product warranties. Here are the detailed maintenance guidelines:

Daily Maintenance:

  1. Remove any trash that could potentially damage the surface, such as metal cans and bottles.
  2. Like natural grass, debris can accumulate on the court. Promptly clean the surface to maintain an even and clean playing area.
  3. Regularly inspect and maintain the court’s drainage system to prevent water buildup and ensure proper functionality.
  4. Repair any loose turf seams promptly to prevent tripping hazards and maintain the integrity of the court. Visual inspection of joints and edges once a month is recommended.
  5. Remove any weeds that may grow along the edges of the court to maintain a neat appearance and prevent encroachment onto the playing surface.
  6. Weekly brushing is crucial to keep the surface in optimal condition. Use an appropriate brush and brush the court in different directions to distribute the infill evenly and ensure the fibers stand upright. For larger areas like tennis courts, investing in a power brush is cost-effective.

Note: Avoid brushing the court when it is rainy or wet, as the surface should be dry for even distribution of the infill sand. If the brush accumulates sand, it indicates the conditions are too wet for brushing.

Thorough Yearly Maintenance:

  1. Perform more extensive maintenance, known as spring maintenance, at least once a year.
  2. Thoroughly brush the court to remove debris, trash, and moss that may have accumulated over time. Consider using a suitable rider with a rotary brush or a hand brush.
  3. Replace any lost sand during brushing with new sand. Generally, approximately one big bag of sand is required per court. If the court has a crushed stone sub-base, rolling it with a 600-700kg roller is advisable to seal the entire structure.

Winter Use and Snow Removal:

Artificial grass courts can be used in winter when proper snow removal is performed. Take care during snow removal to avoid damaging the artificial grass surface.

Line Marking Re-painting:

If you opted for painted lines instead of permanent lines, you can easily re-line or add new lines to your tennis court or multi-use games area.

By following these detailed maintenance practices, you can ensure the longevity, optimal playing conditions, and warranty coverage for your artificial grass tennis court.