Sand-filled And Sand Dressed Artificial Grass Tennis Court Maintenance

Artificial grass tennis courts are popular for private owners, club/community level and schools. The typical pile height is 12-25mm and the surface is either filled or dressed with fine silica sand.

Artificial grass tennis courts need minimal maintenance. Therefore, the requirements for tennis turf maintenance are not very strict. Nevertheless, your court needs regular maintenance to keep its good playing properties over time. Our product quality warranty is only valid if artificial grass maintenance is performed properly and regularly.

After the tennis artificial grass is installed, it takes some time for the infill material to “settle”. Playing on artificial grass courts helps “settling” and ensures optimal distribution of the infill material. Still, the tennis court may require topping up with sand after some time. Any bends or folds in the artificial grass will disappear over time under the influence of the outside temperatures and the weight of sand. During the winter months, this process may take longer.

Even a long time after installation, it is possible that loose piles appear during brushing. It is not a cause for any concern. During installation, the installer cuts rolls to size and also cut in the lines. Therefore, some of the piles are no longer fixed to the ground mat and are pulled loose during brushing. This phenomenon disappears over the time.

Artificial Grass Tennis Courts Daily Maintenance

  • Remove the trash which could damage the tennis court surface (metal cans, bottles, etc.).
  • Just like normal grass, debris will find its way onto a tennis court that is formed from artificial turf. However, it is important to ensure that is it removed promptly in order to keep the surface even and clean.
  • Check and maintain the drainage under the court regularly.
  • Loose turf seams can put players at risk if not repaired in time. We recommended visual inspection of the joints and edges of the tennis turf once a month by walking along with the court. Damage to artificial grass surface must be repaired immediately, regardless of whether the damage is due to accident or vandalism.
  • Remove any weeds on the edges of the court.
  • During the first three months after installation, check that the infill sand level is uniform. If necessary, brush the surface once a week with the appropriate brush. This is the most important aspect of the maintenance requirements in order to keep the surface in the best possible condition. Playing the tennis court for a long period will make the grass fibers pressed flat. By brushing the field with a power room, the fiber comes up again. Simply brush the turf in different directions in order to ensure that the infill is distributed equally and that the fibers are standing upright rather than lying flat. A manual brush can be time-consuming, so it is cost-effective to invest in a power brush for large areas like tennis courts.
  • Brushing is not recommended in rainy weather or when the artificial grass is wet. The surface of the artificial grass must be dry to allow the filling sand to be brushed evenly. If sand adheres to the brush, the conditions for brushing are too wet.

Brush Artificial Grass Tennis Court Surface

More Thorough Maintenance Once a Year

At least once a year, it is advisable to carry out more extensive artificial grass maintenance (so-called spring maintenance).

During this, brush the court thoroughly to remove debris, trash, and moss. It is easier to brush with a suitable rider with a rotary brush, but it can also be done with a hand brush.

Replace the sand that has been lost during brushing with the new one. The required amount is approximately one big bag per court. In the case of the crushed stone sub-base, it is also advisable to roll the court over with a 600-700kg roller to seal the entire structure.

Artificial grass courts can also be used in winter when snow is removed from the court. Take care during snow removal in order to avoid damaging the artificial grass surface.

Line Marking Re-painting

If you did not use permanent lines – white tennis turf lines, Instead, you used painted lines for the tennis court, you can re-line or add new lines to your tennis or multi-use games area. 

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