How to Install Landscape Artificial Grass

Installing landscape artificial grass in a small area with a well-prepared base is a simple process. You can easily complete it using everyday tools that are available for purchase or rental at a local home improvement store. Some essential tools and materials for the installation include:

Essential Tools and Materials:

Carpet knife
Shovel / rake
Tape measure
Seaming Tape
Drop spreader
Power broom
Sand infill

Step-by-Step Guide to Installing Garden Artificial Grass

Step 1: Trim the Grass to Fit the Area

Step 2: Trim the Edge of the Grass and Apply Glue

Step 3: Secure the Joining Tape in Place

Step 4: Apply Artificial Turf Glue to the Tape

Step 5: Complete the Joint Preparation

Step 6: Join the Grass Edges Together

Step 7: Apply Weight Overnight for a Strong Joint

Step 8: Achieve an Invisible Joint

Step 9: Spread Sand Infill

Step 10: Brush the Infill

By following these step-by-step instructions, installing artificial grass in your garden can be accomplished with ease. The provided video showcases the installation process for putting green grass, but the steps for garden artificial grass installation remain the same. Enjoy the convenience and beauty of your newly installed landscape artificial grass, creating a vibrant and low-maintenance outdoor space.