How to Install Landscape Artificial Grass

Install landscape artificial grass in a small area and well-prepared base (Landscape Grass Base Preparation) is very simple and can be easily completed with a few everyday tools, which if you don’t have, can be purchased or rented at a local home improvement store. Some of those tools/materials include:

Carpet knife
Shovel / rake
Tape measure
Seaming Tape
Drop spreader
Power broom
Sand infill

1. Trim grass to fit area

2. Trimming edge of grass prior to apply the glue

3. Put joining tape in place

4. Apply artificial turf glue to tape

5. Joint prepared

6. Offer grass edges together

7. Apply weight overnight

8. Joint is invisible

7. Spread Infill

8. Brush in Infill

The video of the landscaping artificial grass installation guide is also available, please contact us to get the link.