How Much Does Artificial Grass Cost

Artificial grass is going more and more popular nowadays. We get several inquiries every day, and the most frequently-asked question is what is the cost for a particular project. Most visitors who come across this page are out of China, and they plan to import artificial grass from a manufacturer directly to save cost. So here this article is hoping to give you a brief overview of the cost structure of importing artificial grass. If you are planning an artificial grass football field, you can use our artificial grass calculator to estimate the cost of the materials needed. 

Briefly, if you import artificial grass to complete a project, the total cost=cost of products (FOB) + Shipping freight + Destination delivery charge + Import taxes + Installation cost

Covered in this article:
1. The cost of artificial grass
2. The cost of installation accessories
3. Shipping cost, Destination delivery charge, and import taxes

1. The Cost Of Artificial Grass Product

“Can you send me a full price list?”   We often receive inquiries too simply like this. In fact, we have too many products and it is very difficult to give a proper recommendation if the use not cleared. Different applications have different requirements for the specifications, and different specifications mean different cost. The major specifications are materials, pile height, dtex, and stitch density. 

Main Factors That Will Affect the Artificial Grass Cost: 

Many factors works together to determine the artificial grass pricing. Materials,  face weight (Determined by Pile height, Dtex, and Stitch Density ) and backing are three main factors. Order quantity will affect the production cost as well. 


Generally speaking, the materials for sports grass are different from the materials used for landscape grass.They are made with different priorities: sport grass focuses on motion performance, player protection, and wear-resistance; While landscape grass pays more attention to appearance(Look as good as real grass, or even better) UV-resistance, and safety. Besides, raw material quality will affect the cost a lot. 

Face Weight

Pile height, Dtex, and Stitch Density work together to determine the face weight. Face weight is an important factor affecting artificial grass performance and cost. The reason is obvious: heavier face weight means more materials and results in a higher price.


The most common backings are SBR coated backing and polyurethane(PU) coated backing. Polyurethane packing is better but with much higher price(about USD1.0 higher per square meter). Latex backing is good enough in most cases. More information about backing, please visit post The Facts of Artificial Grass Backing

Order Quantity

Order quantity also makes the cost quite different. you will understand this if you know how artificial grass is made. Order under Minimum Order Quantity will waste more materials. Besides, our artificial turf factory needs several hours to change the fiber rolls (unload yarn rolls of the previous order and load a new kind of yarns) before tufting a different product. That’s why all artificial grass factories have MOQ if a stock is not available. There are two exceptions: 1. We have a similar order in the schedule and we can produce your mini order together; 2. We have the product in stock by chance. 

Pricing Overview (Landscape and Football Grass Only)

We all do not like a cost guide no including any prices. It will not help you to have a sense of total cost and make the project move forward. Artificial grass can be used for many applications. Garden(or play area) and football field are two of the most popular applications. We have more than fifty products for the two applications and each product has it is variants. It is impossible to show a full price list here. In this article we will tell you the starting price, peak price,  and average price. 

 Pile Height18mm - 50 mm30mm - 60 mm
 Starting Price3.90 USD/㎡4.20 USD/㎡
 Peak Price12.80 USD/㎡8.20 USD/㎡
 Average Price6.30 USD/㎡5.80 USD/㎡

Prices above are only for reference and the purpose is offering you a more concrete idea of probable cost. Exchange rate, cost of raw materials, labor, and marketing strategy will affect the pricing. And, if we launch some new products with quite different specifications, the prices maybe also beyond the price range. In short, prices will rise or come down as time changes.

We offer best or at least very competitive price to dealers. If you are an artificial grass dealer or installer, please contact us on dealer page. 

You may doubt the quality of the products whose price close to the ‘starting price’. In fact, low pricing artificial grass does not mean bad quality. The raw material is the same(we only use high quality raw materials). The difference is mainly existing at the specifications(face weight). You can purchase cheap artificial grass for some particular applications. 

2. The Cost Of Installation Accessories

When installing the artificial grass you need some accessories, such as seaming tape and glue. You mean also need sand infill, crumb rubber, shock pad underlay, nails as well.

Seaming tape

Seaming tape is also called seaming cloth, or joint tape. The width is 20cm-30cm, length depends on the needs of your project. How much does it cost?

We have three options:
A. Black polypropylene cloth: Completely FREE. We will delivery together with artificial grass with the needed quantity. Please note polypropylene cloth cannot be used with two-component adhesive, If you are going to use two-component adhesive, we recommend to use our non-woven seaming tape.
B. White non-woven seaming tape: Ideal for both one-component and two-component adhesive. 0.25USD/meter
C. Self-adhesive tape: ideal for landscape areas. 15cm wide, 10 meters long per roll, price 4.0 USD per roll.

Artificial Grass Adhesive (Glue)

The adhesive works together with seaming tape to join two pieces of artificial grass together. For most projects are outdoor ones, the glue is specially made with ultra consistency, waterproof and Anti-UV. Most shipping companies treat one-component adhesive as dangerous materials and do not accept it. Fortunately, we can provide the two-component adhesive which almost all shipping companies accept. Please note the two-component adhesive should work with the non-woven seaming tape mentioned above.

Sand Infill

Garden, landscape and playground artificial grass has long blades ranging in height from 20mm to 50mm. Such blades of artificial grass need support in order to stand up straightly. Even for artificial grass with thatch, the sand infill weighs down the artificial grass, provides stability and protects the turf. It makes the grass more fire resistant at the same time. For sports fields like football and tennis pitches, sand infill is a must. As sand is cheap but very heavy, we recommend customers to buy from the local market.

Crumb Rubber

For the football field, you need sand infill and rubber granule infill. The infill system is one of the most important aspects of all synthetic turf fields. It is the basis for the safety of the turf system by providing the appropriate cushioning to absorb impact as well as being the foundation to a field’s performance level by offering traction for players to cut, plant and release just like they would on natural grass. There are difficult kinds and quality of rubber granule infills. Price start from 0.35USD/kg.

PS: We have developed non-infill football grass. It is completely no need any sand and rubber granule infill. This non-infill football grass is ideal for 5-a-side football, 3-a-side football, and indoor football pitch. Click to check the details of non-infill football grass.

Shock Pad Underlay

We offer shock pads to cover critical fall height regulations. For commercial installations, you may need a shock pad. We have two kinds of shock pads and each can be made in different density and thickness. Price start from 2.80 USD/sqm. Please feel free to contact us for an exact and official quotation.

Turf Nails/Staples

For landscape projects, Turf nails hold the whole project together. These turf nails/staples will expand over time to further secure your artificial turf to the ground. Price 0.20USD/piece.

Accessories products:

3. Shipping Cost, Destination Delivery Charge, And Import Taxes

Similar to the carpet, artificial grass is packed in rolls. We always ship the rolls by sea for the rolls are large and heavy. The cost will be very expensive if sending by air.

Shipping cost

To get the exact shipping cost we need to know the exact quantity of your order and the name of your destination port. You can check the shipping cost with your forwarder as well.

Destination delivery charge

Destination Delivery Charge. Typically, the Destination Delivery Charge varies on the carrier, the cargo and sometimes the specific port or terminal. The reason that shipping carriers force the Destination Delivery Charge is to cover the cost of using the crane to lift containers. The charge is also used to cover certain gate fees at destinations.

Import taxes

You need to pay import taxes when import goods from other countries. They include VAT and import duty. The tariff rate is different in different countries. In most case, you can find the rate on your customs’ website. But we suggest you to ask a local shipping agent to check the tax rate for you.

Website to check the import duty rate:

South Africa:

Words in the End

You may have a brief idea of the components of the cost now. To get the exact artificial grass cost, please contact and tell us your application, and the size of your project. We will provide appropriate solutions, and we will send you several samples for checking. Once you decide which product(s) to take and the quantity, we can offer the CNF cost. For the destination delivery charge and import taxes, we suggest you consult with a local forwarder, they can give a quick and accurate answer.

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