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How to Install Synthetic Putting Green Grass

We always recommend you hire a professional artificial grass installer to install the putting green and fringe grass. But if you are extremely handy and are capable of building a synthetic putting green in a day or two, you can do the DIY installation by following the guide below: Site Selection and Sketch Layout Decide […]

Sunlight Reflecting Results In Artificial Grass Melting And How To Avoid It

Using energy-efficient windows are a great way to keep your home cooler by reflecting the sun away from your home. However, we have found that the reflection caused by energy-efficient windows can magnify the sun to a point of melting the artificial grass surface. Artificial grass has a very high melting point of 200 degrees […]

Artificial Grass Line Marking

Sport field lines can either be painted onto artificial grass surfaces or be inlaid. Inlaid, or ‘cut in’, lines are more permanent. The inlaid artificial grass lines reduce maintenance costs, so they are generally recommended for all the main pitch markings. Paint lines are used when temporary alternative lines are needed. Inlaid artificial grass line […]

Base Preparation for Landscape Grass

In order to install artificial grass, a smooth, stable base with proper drainage is required. Often, the way in which the base is prepared before the new artificial grass is laid is just as important as the installation itself, even these steps can often be forgotten. So what are the key steps towards ensuring your […]

How to Install Landscape Artificial Grass

Install landscape artificial grass in a small area and well-prepared base (Landscape Grass Base Preparation) is very simple and can be easily completed with a few everyday tools, which if you don’t have, can be purchased or rented at a local home improvement store. Some of those tools/materials include: Carpet knifeShovel / rakeTape measureStaples/NailsSeaming TapeAdhesiveDrop […]

How to Install Football Artificial Grass

Follow the guide to Install football artificial grass on a well-constructed base step by step. 1. Off-load football grass rolls and place them along the perimeter. 1.1 Before installation, we suggest to check the pile height, colour and stitch ratio of the football artificial grass. 1.2 Delivery the football artificial grass rolls to the site by […]

Interlocking Floor Installation And Maintenance

Installation Tips 1. TILE LOCKING SYSTEM The locking system consists of a male peg and female loop. The male peg snaps into the female loopholding the tiles together. 2. CORRECT TILE ALIGNMENT All tiles on any given installation should ALWAYS HAVE THE FEMALE LOOPS GOING IN THE SAME DIRECTION. CAUTION: If you inadvertently rotate a […]