Play Football in Guangzhou on Artificial Grass Surfaces

Guangzhou is an international city and football game is very popular here. As the Asian Games will be hold in Guangzhou next year. You could find some slogans such as “build a sound body, welcome in the Asian Games”. More people take sports in there spare time.

But if you are a foreigner in Gunagzhou, where could you play football in this city and how much it will cost one hour? Here we collect some information for you.
Yuexiu District:
1. zhu shou xiang primary school
Location: No.11, zhushouxiang north street, haizhu district,guangzhou
Description: Artificial grass surfacing, suitball for six-a-side game.
Price: 200yuan/2hours(daytime);150yuan/hour(after 6pm)
Tel.: 020-81080678 ,020-82877091

2. Football field of Guangdong University of Technology
Location: Between huanshi east street and dongfeng east street
Description: Standard artificial grass surfacing football field, plus two seven-a-side courts
Price: 200yuan/2hours (daytime); 480yuan/2hours(Night)

3.Donghu park football court
Location: Near the donghu park
Description: Seven-a-side football field, using synthetic grass materials, good condition but a little more expensive.
Tel: 020-83792025

Tianhe District:
1.    Tianhe park football field
Location: inside the Tianhe park(Next to Zhongshan Dadao, Guangzhou. No need ticket from July 1st of 2009)
Description: Two fields, one futsal field and one seven-a-side football field, artificial grass surfacing

2.    Tianxiu football field
Location: No.20, tianshou road, tianhe district, Guangzhou(inside the tianxiu middle school)
Description: Seven-a-side artificial grass football field, materials imported from the United States.
Tel: 020-38493415

More information about football field in guangzhou will be posted in the future. If you can not find a football field near you, you can also call telephone No. 114 for help or contact us,  we will find the right information for you.